Childhood Artist Statement

                        As a child, I believed God had a long white beard, old houses were haunted, Snow White was real,                                                                           the Pledge of Allegiance was a way of life, and Pandora had a box. Now, I am.  Snow White is not,                                                                             and there is no more pledging. Along with my imaginary childhood friends, the myths have vanished,                                                                       and all that remains can never be put back into a box. All that remains is hope.

The images in my Childhood series are informed by my youthful thoughts and experiences, as well as by quiet observations of my children. I try to capture the private and introspective moments of childhood, the instances when children are enraptured by their own thoughts and actions, when they are transported from the immediate reality into their own worlds.  This series is about the innocent wonder of youth and the timeless element of childhood.