Daydreams Artist Statement

Daydreams, is an ongoing series of photographs that explore those moments of fantasy that happen when we are awake.  Sometimes the daydreams are my own, and sometimes they are observations and interpretations of someone else’s make believe.  In either case, the resulting photograph is a moment when the lines between imagination and reality are blurred.  Instances when thoughts and ideas are as present as they are absent.  It is this, the interrupted sense of time and consciousness that I am interested in conveying.  I seek places and moments that are pastoral, introspective, ubiquitous, or disconcerting.  I photograph those instances when anything becomes possible if only for a moment. In an effort to make the invisible tangible, I investigate questions of human nature, existence, and spirituality. The transparency in some of the imagery refers to the fragility of life, relationships, or religious themes.  In this series a walk in the woods can become a magical journey, (Sanctuary or Listening to Trees), or a Butterfly can denote hope, loss, or freedom. In Daydreams,  I photograph the images that reside in the corners of my mind.