Meditations on Water Artist Statement

A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable. ~William Wordsworth

Meditations on Water is a study of the universal temperament of water, as well as the environmental effects of light, color, and perception.  My belief in the restorative power of water, informs and inspires my work.  On a more personal level, the images are influenced by my interest in the sublime aspects of nature.  The elements of nature that consistently remind me there is always something else, much greater than oneself. 

The photographs in this series investigate the visceral and meditative facets of water, by examining the serene, turbulent, and dynamic characteristics of lakes, rivers, and seas.  The majority of the work is a study of Lake Michigan, but encompasses other bodies of water, as well.

Whether a lake, an ocean, or the clouds in the sky, I see water as a natural metaphor for human disposition.  Just as the Gales of November affect the Great Lakes, individuals undergo equally tempestuous experiences.  Water can be as yielding, mighty, or as peaceful as the human mind.  To emphasize these emotional qualities in the photographs, I often use long exposures and minimalist points of view. 

Meditations on Water is an ongoing body of work motivated by the personal belief that water can carry us into “recesses of feeling” we might not have known existed. The images in this series are intended to remind viewers that water is a natural phenomenon that is as vast, mysterious, and fragile, as life itself.